Born and bred in Enugu south-eastern Nigeria, singer/songwriter cum producer Ogochukwu Jennifer Onuora is better known by her stage name DIA. DIA started off her music career while pursuing a degree at the prestigious University Of Nigeria Nsukka with her first name 'Ogochukwu' gaining numerous hits in the streets of Enugu and beyond, she collaborated and worked with the biggest artists and producers in her home city of Enugu then moved to Lagos and rebranded her self starting with an official stage name 'DIA' (but known as Sweet DIA on digital stores and Social media) and changing her sound to join the new set of artists exporting African culture and sound with Alternative Afrobeats. In 2021 with her new name DIA, she has only one single 'Certified Demand' and also lending her vocals to Zoro's 2021 hit 'Waka Waka' as a backup vocalist.
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